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Greg Oden held out of practice with left knee swelling 0

Greg Oden had swelling in his left knee

Unfortunately this comes as no surprise to anyone that has paid attention to the NBA the last several years. Greg Oden, just two days after having his first five-on-five practice with the Miami Heat, already has to sit with swelling in his left knee. Hopefully this is a minor setback and Oden can continue his comeback with the Heat.

This comes on the heels of blocking LeBron James’ shot during his first practice. The Heat staff acknowledges that there will be setbacks with Oden, thus they have been taking it slowly and not setting a timetable for the former Ohio State center. For the sake of Oden, hopefully the swelling goes down and he can get back on the court. Unfortunately, history tells us this may be the start of another injury plagued trend for the former overall first round pick.

Via ESPN/Miami Index:

Oden missing practice comes two days after he had his first 5-on-5 workout since starting his comeback attempt with the Heat. His highlight Monday was blocking a shot by LeBron James.

“This has been three years for me, as long as it’s no surgery, it’s OK,” said Oden, who last played in an NBA game in 2009. “This is going to be a long season, I’m going to get there.”

“I was hoping it didn’t (swell up) but it did, but what can I do about it?” Oden said. “Next thing to do is get (the swelling) back down and get out there and figure out what I can do to not let it swell again.”


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