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Important Terms to Know When Betting on Basketball 12

Out of some of the popular sports in the world, Basketball is but the easiest to try your hand at betting. Much like the football betting systems the Basketball games too are bet as per the point spread system. The wagering of the teams is done on the basis of either the point spread or under/over numbers.


But if you are someone who knows betting in a game of football, like betting on basketball-themed online casino games at, the actual experience of sports betting will be quite different. And the most common method is that of point spread. This is pretty much a standard that is put on by the sports guides to bring in a balance in betting between the winning and losing teams.


In a game of football, for betting purposes, the winning team is tagged a ‘favourite’ while the losing team is marked an ‘underdog’. Therefore the winning teams lays points for the losing teams to make it even.


How to bet through point spread method!

The winning team is bet on the most. And therefore there is need for a greater value to be bet on the losing team to bring about a win. In a game of 10 pointer if team A is winning, the team B would need to get at least 11 points to get a win for the gamblers. And of the game happens to be a tie i.e. a score of 10-10, the players don’t get any amount to take back home. Therefore the losing team the players are in need to bet at least 11 units of money to win 10 units of money.

Here is the gap that brings income for the bookies. In a game if two players bet 11 units of money each on their teams, the bookie collects 22 units while upon a chance of winning, he only needs to return 21 units. The extra unit of money is his wager.


The over/under system of betting!

In the under/over system of betting the players have to bet on a predicted total of the score of both the teams combined. And the radar here is to predict a number over or under the one that flashes on the screen.

So if for a game the total predicted score is 175, the players can bet over 175 and under 175 as their options of bet. If the score happens to be 180, the ones who bet on the “over” win! But here too the betters are asked to bet on the odds of 11 to 10 ratio. You need to risk your extra units of money to win something.


Money line wagering

Another betting option open for the players is the predicting of the winning team. The players need to risk a higher sum of money here to win. As the progressing game gives enough glimpses of the chance of a team winning, the stakes are generally high.


There is also the Parlays and Teaser method of betting where the winning team prediction by the bettors should be done on two or more games in a series. The correct predicting of 4 out of six games brings them better wagering.



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