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Joakim Noah to holster “gun celebration” post Connecticut shootings 0

Not that the world was going to voice it’s outrage over Joakim Noah’s patented “Wild West” type finger guns celebration on the court, but instead of taking any chances of offending anyone after the horrific school shootings that took place last week in Connecticut, Noah has decided to retire his signature on-court celebration.

Noah’s gunslinger routine was a celebration generally reserved while he galloped down-court after a score. The little show consisted of Noah’s imaginary finger pistols busting off a few round, before the 7-footer holstered his Colts.

While the routine had more of a Western feel than that of a senseless, homicidal maniac, Noah is a stand up guy, and didn’t want his celebration to seem insensitive to a grieving nation.

“It wasn’t just what happened in Connecticut.Noah said.“You just have to be kind of compassionate about what’s going on, man. We have issues with guns. Gun violence in this country is out of control and you’ve just got to be sensitive to that. I love this country. This country did so much for me.

“But I think it’s important to be more critical and we have issues. I feel just as American as I do French and the issues are complicated, but you’ve got to be sensitive and a lot of kids are dying. In Chicago, a lot of kids are dying in the streets, so that’s why I’m not doing that anymore.”

Noah makes a good point about gun violence as a whole. Noting that this country has seen an increase in violent gun attacks over the course of the past 30 or 40 years. Joakim seems like a very well-rounded role model for youngsters who choose the NBA as their sport of choice.

The big man from France is having a solid year, averaging 13.6 points and 10.6 rebounds per game, while leading the Chicago Bulls during Derrick Rose’s absence.



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