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John Wall disappointed with himself 0


John Wall just raked in an $80 million max deal with the Washington Wizards, which makes him, for better or worse, the face of a struggling franchise. Wall  earned himself a max deal mostly based upon a strong finish to the 2012-13 season, and the prospect of what his future could hold.

The NBA has gone the way of the guard. By that I mean the point guard. With breakout performances of scoring point guards such as Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and Kyrie Irving (to name a few), general managers and head coaches are looking for that next big thing among the ranks of elite scoring point guards.

The mold for NBA point guards has evolved a bit. Not to say that the Rajon Rondo’s and Chris Paul’s of the world are no longer relevant, it just means that more and more scouts are looking for guards who are traditionally more suited for the shooting guard position, and they’re turning them into point guards. Scoring threats who have the ball most of the game. Seems to make sense.

John Wall has the size, at 6-4, and the ability, athleticism and speed to be just as prominent as players like Rose and Westbrook. That is why the Wizards committed to the young guard in the long-term. Now it’s time for Wall to prove his critics wrong, and earn that big payday.

As far as his own standards are concerned, Wall is not getting the job done right now. John Wall was very disappointed with his own preseason showing, particularly the Wizards 101-82 win over the Cavaliers on Wednesday. Wall was a lousy 1-7 from the field and finished with just 3 points. Which when combined with his 4 turnovers, may have been Wall’s most pathetic game as a pro, to date.

Wall seems to have a good head on his shoulders and should recover from his poor preseason in time to roll up his sleeves and prove he’s worth the money the Wizards invested into him this past off-season. I look for the Wizards to be improved and fight for an 8 seed this season.



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