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Lakers, Knicks, Celtics make history 0


It’s hard to believe that this year’s NBA playoffs will be the first time the NBA has experienced their postseason without the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics. The three basketball cities, also known as the hub(s) for the NBA, will all be watching the playoffs from home. In the old days this would be a tremendous blow for the NBA, but with the increase in popularity and stars such as LeBron James, Paul George, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and others, the NBA shouldn’t miss a beat in the ratings department.

For the Lakers and Celtics, they will be able to improve their rosters through the draft while bringing back their stars (Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo) next season at full health. For the Knicks, turmoil could fuel the offseason with question marks surrounding their star player, Carmelo Anthony, and whether or not he’ll return to Gotham City.


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