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Lamar Odom Reportedly Abusing Hardcore Drugs 0

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Once upon a time, Lamar Odom was one of the best sixth men in the league and an NBA champion. Now he may not only be losing his shot at being on an NBA roster, he could be losing his wife as well. Odom’s marriage to Khloe Kardashian has been well documented, but things have reached an all time peak with rumors of Lamar cheating. That seems to have taken a back burner to the latest news, as Lamar has reportedly been abusing some hardcore drugs the past few years.

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“Multiple sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ. Lamar has had a problem for 2 years. It got so bad, last August Khloe pressured Lamar to go to rehab. Lamar went to a facility in San Diego, but he was so resistant Khloe hired private investigators to secretly stand guard at the rehab place to make sure he didn’t leave. The P.I.s stood guard 24/7.

Our sources say Lamar constantly threatened to leave and Khloe made several visits to prevail upon him to stay. We’re told after 3 weeks, Lamar left for good.”

If the reports are accurate, then the timeline points to his trade to the Mavericks as the time he started using. His play fell off in a major way, as he was obviously unhappy with the sudden change of scenery.

It should be noted that the report also states that Lamar stayed completely drug-free during his season with the Clippers, and it showed on the court as he enjoyed a nice return to form. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to maintain his sobriety, and went right back to his drug abuse after the season.

At this point, it is doubtful that teams would be willing to take a chance on a 33 year old role player with a drug problem. Unless this gets taken care of rather quickly, we may have seen the end of Lamar Odom’s NBA career. However, his health is most important at this point, and I would personally like to send my best wishes to his family as they try to get this mess sorted out.


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