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NewsOK reports that LeBron James isn’t the villain he’s made out to be. On Miami’s trip to Portland, the Heat needed to take a pit stop in Oklahoma City to refuel their jet. The players went into Will Rogers World Airport and lounged around until their flight was back in the air. Until then though there were some servicemen looking to take some pictures with the players.

On LeBron :

“He noticed a couple of uniformed military personnel approach the team’s security person. Unbeknown to him, about a dozen helicopters were stopped there for fuel as well. There were Blackhawks and Apaches and Chinooks, all on long-distance flights. Will Rogers happened to be their refueling stop.

Just like the Heat players, the helicopter pilots were in the terminal stretching their legs.

They never expected the Miami Heat to walk through the door.

Some of them wanted pictures with the players, but when the crew members approached the team’s security detail, they were told no.

Maybe LeBron could overhear the conversation, or perhaps he could just tell by their body language what was going on. Either way, he piped up.

“Hey, hey,” he said, “any of these military guys can take a picture with us.”

-Jenni Carlson

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LeBron told his teammates to get up and take pictures with the servicemen. All of those who asked to take a picture with the Heat players received one. It obviously made these guys day, and if taking a simple picture with someone who’s doing good for your country can brighten up their day. Well you do it. LeBron did just that showing class and maturity.


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