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LeBron James Tells Charles Barkley To Shut Up About Wade 0


Over the past year or so, many have begun to wonder whether Dwyane Wade’s game is falling off as he gets older. For a player whose game is so based on his athletic ability, it’s a legitimate concern for someone who is now 30 years old.

Charles Barkley is one of the people who believe Wade is already on the downswing, as he has been vocal recently about the topic.

I think it’s pretty clear how LeBron feels on the topic. Via Fox Sports Florida:

Wade claimed after Monday’s game he “really didn’t listen to the noise” that is mainly coming from Barkley. But Wade’s teammates disagree, saying Wade, 30, knows quite well about Barkley’s claims that his game is falling off rapidly.
“It means Charles Barkley, you shut up,” Heat forward LeBron James said about what Wade showed Monday.

Dwyane Wade is having a very good year so far, averaging 20 points on 50% shooting with a Player Efficiency Rating (PER) over 21.

Charles Barkley has never been quiet about his opinions, and this is no different. Additionally, give credit to LeBron for backing up his teammate.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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