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LeBron James Vs. Skip Bayless 70

Bayless has been on LeBron’s case for years now. When LeBron came up short during his time in Cleveland, Bayless was all over him for not finishing and not having a “clutch gene.” Then when LeBron took his talents to South Beach, Bayless called LeBron Robin, referring to Wade as Batman. Even though LeBron is the better player. It’s become a pretty big thing in the sports world.

At least to those who watch ESPN. Bayless always seems to find a way to poke at LeBron late in the game. LeBron could put up 35, 6, and 10 like he did vs. Utah a few days ago. Yet if James gives up the final shot, he gets all the blame for the loss. What’s great is that if Dwyane Wade hits both of his free throws and doesn’t commit a foul resulting in a 3 point play, the Miami Heat win the game.

Yet Miami loses and LeBron gets all the blame, not Wade. That’s just how the media will perceive the Heat in games that go down to the wire. If LeBron misses the shot, he’s to blame. If LeBron passes off the shot and they miss, he’s to blame. If Wade makes the shot then LeBron is afraid of taking the final shot. Most of these opinions are used by Skip Bayless.

Case for Skip Bayless 

Bayless certainly does have a point when he talks about LeBron’s late game failures. If James could have made a few buckets in the 4th Quarter of the NBA Finals last season the Heat probably own their 2nd NBA Championship. But therein lies the problem for Skip Bayless. This seems to be his only argument against LeBron. There is no true definition of a clutch gene.

Clutch is just something sports fans and analysts use to describe a players fortunes in the important moments late in a game. There’s no real statistic we can use to determine if a player has the clutch gene. Clutch is something we base off the eye test. Which isn’t a perfect test at all. Our eyes can deceive us.

Case for LeBron James 

Here is one of Skip’s tweets after Miami lost to Utah.


We’re getting tired of hearing it, Skip. LeBron didn’t convert the final shot because he didn’t take it. I bet if LeBron took that shot Bayless would have called James out for forcing it to be the hero. Instead LeBron made the right basketball play. He dished it out to Haslem, who simply missed. It was a great look and he should of knocked it down.

Coach Spoelstra drew up an excellent play. I bet you no one in the building expected Haslem to get the ball there. Especially when you have Dwyane Wade and LeBron James on your team. If Chris Bosh was there, he would have most likely knocked that down, giving LeBron his 7th assist of the night.

The Verdict 

It’s easy to go against Skip Bayless here. He consistently bashes and hates on LeBron and for the most part disappears whenever LeBron has a spectacular game. That or he makes up a lame excuse as to why LeBron should be discredited for his success. James is having one of the NBA’s greatest seasons. He’s averaging 27.8 PPG, 6.8 APG, 8.4 RPB, and a 33.14 PER. Using the rounding system, LeBron averages 28, 7, and 8 per game.

That’s as close as anyone’s going to get to averaging a triple double in today’s NBA. However, Bayless believes that because he has Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh he shouldn’t be the favorite for the MVP. Skip, you’re wrong here. LeBron was averaging those numbers in Cleveland too. His career averages are 27.7 PPG, 7.0 APG, and 7.2 RPB.

James will go down as one of the greatest players of all-time when his career is over. He’ll eventually figure out this closing thing just like Alex Rodriguez once did after countless years of coming up short. One more thing. Michael Jordan won six NBA Championships. His first at the age of 27. LeBron’s age? 27.


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