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LeBron James Wants To Bring An MLS Team To Miami 0

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In case you didn’t know, LeBron James has interests in sports outside of basketball and football. As a matter of fact, he happens to have an interest in soccer, or what the rest of the world calls “football”. According to reports, LeBron James is interested in bringing a Major League Soccer team to Miami by joining forces with former Manchester United superstar David Beckham. LeBron James already is a part owner of Liverpool FC of the English Premiere League, and now he wants to bring his love of soccer right to his current home in Miami.

I’m not much of a soccer fan, and I probably never will be, but what I can say is having a big name superstar like LeBron James promote the sport here in the United States is a big deal for Major League Soccer and soccer as a whole in my opinion. Soccer has had its share of aging stars like Thierry Henry, David Beckham, and Pele play in the United States at the end of their careers as some sort of effort to boost popularity for the sport in the United States. But perhaps having a mainstream American superstar athlete in his prime promote the sport will do more for the popularity of soccer in the United States.

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