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Magic Will Take Nerlens Noel If Available At No. 2 0

With reports of the Cleveland Cavaliers possibly taking Maryland C Alex Len with the number one overall pick, many people are wondering what this means for Kentucky C Nerlens Noel, who for the longest time has been the consensus number one overall selection. Chad Ford of ESPN is reporting that should the Cavaliers pass on Noel with the number one pick, the Orlando Magic, who possess the number two overall pick will in all likelihood select Noel with the number two overall selection:

“Sources close to the Orlando Magic told on Saturday that if the Cavs pass on Kentucky big man Nerlens Noel, the Magic are leaning strongly toward selecting him with the No. 2 pick in the draft.

Sources cautioned that things could change in the next five days as the Magic continue to gather information. “If the draft was held today, Noel would be our first choice,” one source told”

The main reasons the Cavaliers have cooled off on Nerlens Noel reportedly have been his thin body frame and recently torn ACL. They still would like to get a center, and Alex Len is on many people’s boards as the second best center behind Nerlens Noel, if not the best center in this draft. The advantage that Len does have over Noel is he is bigger than Noel, standing at 7’1 and weighing 255 lbs. In addition, he seems to be better offensively and perhaps more ready to make an impact. However, like Noel, Len does have injury concerns of his own. He is coming off ankle surgery for a stress fracture in his ankle, which also makes him somewhat of a gamble.

At any rate, what is for certain is that if the Cavaliers do go with Len, the Magic likely will be more than happy to take Nerlens Noel, and hopefully have him fill the void left by Dwight Howard.

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