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Mark Cuban: Mavericks ‘in a better spot’ without Dwight Howard 0

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The Los Angeles Lakers were not the only team that lost out when Dwight Howard decided to sign with the Houston Rockets; multiple teams, notably the Dallas Mavericks were also in pursuit. Mavericks fans even tried sweetening the pot by offering Howard a lifetime supply of chicken fingers! (how this didn’t work, I will never know. Dwight Howard is a stronger man than I am.) However, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, never at a loss for an opinion, says that the Mavericks may actually benefit from losing out on Howard.

Here is what he said to ESPN Dallas:

“I think we’ve put ourselves in a spot where we’re in a better spot than we were at if we got just the one max-out deal,” Cuban told during the Mavs’ summer league game Wednesday night. “I think it’d be better shorter and longer term. I don’t want to make that sound the wrong way. I think we’ll be better this year because we added five good players or more.”

“Obviously we didn’t get Dwight,” Cuban said. “We took a chance, and it didn’t happen. I think we put together a really good team. It sticks within the culture we’ve tried to define. We’ve dealt with some of the weaknesses we had from last year. Hopefully if we stay healthy, good things will happen.”

Cuban has said this summer is the beginning of a two-year plan to rebuild the Mavs into a championship contender.

“Obviously, we were disappointed we didn’t get Dwight, but we pretty much got everything else we wanted to get and then some. Much more,” Cuban said. “We never thought we’d be able to get Monta. It turned into a good summer. Now, the key is to get everybody playing together, get everyone healthy, keep them healthy and go.”

If this were the case, then why would the Mavericks go after Howard in the first place? Cuban really sounds like a sore loser here trying to rationalize his failed experiment from two years ago when the Mavs let Tyson Chandler walk out the door, conceding any chance his team had to defend their championship. The Mavericks didn’t need a two-year plan to rebuild into a championship contender because, y’know, they were already the champions.

But hey, anytime you can get Monta Ellis, Jose Calderon, and Samuel Dalembert instead of Dwight Howard, you gotta do it, right?



By: Frank Santos- Pass the Pill Manager


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