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Michael Beasley receives medical treatment after punching himself in the head 0


Yeah, you read that headline correctly. Newly acquired Miami Heat forward, and former Heat first-round draft pick, Michael Beasley, received medical treatment after Thursday night’s 112-107 preseason win over the Pistons, in Detroit. Beasley had a solid outing, notching 9 points in 9 minutes of play. The bizarre incident, in where Beasley struck himself in the head multiple times, occurred after he missed a shot. Beasley struck himself in the head a few times as he jogged back down the court.

This report comes from Joseph Goodman of the Miami Herald, and also went on to say that the Heat’s medical staff treated Beasley with Steel compresses to his brow. Steel compress, as you boxing fans know, is the same method used by trainers in the corner of the ring during a boxing match. You stick a piece of metal in an ice bucket, and then the cold piece of metal is applied to swollen areas of the face. They say it works better than plain ice for getting the swelling to go down.

Here’s the video:

It appears as if Beasley doesn’t even hit himself very hard, but the camera moved from Beasley to a different angle pretty quickly, so who knows?

Despite trying to KO himself, Beasley seemed okay with his overall performance, stating the following about his first game with the Heat (this time around).

“It was fun,” Beasley said. “I didn’t think I was going to play. It was the first time back. I’m trying to find my way.”

“Overall,” he said, “I give myself a B-minus, C-plus. I’m just trying to teach myself to do everything hard.”

That’s fine and all, but perhaps Michael should chill out just a little. Nobody wants to sign a headcase to a long term deal. Even if his play is great. The young, Beasley, has plenty of upside, but he’ll need to show the Heat his value isn’t overshadowed by nonsense. Beasley is currently signed to just a one-year deal with Miami.


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