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NBA Dunk Contest to feature amazing unknown dunker 0

James White has always been a tremendous dunker. Hardcore NBA fans are well aware of his ridiculous hops and would love to see him in the dunk contest. According to the Twitter feed of Miami Herald’s Heat beat writer:


The average NBA fan may not know who the man nicknamed James “Flight” White is. He was the 31st overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft. He has had multiple stints in the D-League as well as overseas. His game is inconsistent which is why he can’t keep an NBA gig. However, what he does consistently do well and perhaps better than anybody, is dunk. WATCH:

James “Flight” White Dunk Contest Preview (Courtesy of’s Youtube Channel)


Here are some more videos of White in dunk contests (both courtesy of TeamFlightBrothers YouTube Channel):


My personal favorite:



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