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NBA Executive says Kevin Love is headed back to the Los Angeles 0

One NBA executive thinks Kevin Love will be Laker

The Minnesota Timberwolves are in a precarious situation involving their star player, Kevin Love. After ripping into his teammates, many believe Love has reached his breaking point after six seasons in Minnesota. The next logical question is whether they should trade Love, or keep him and risk losing him in free agency. You never want to trade a franchise player, but in an era where many star players are pairing up, there is no reason not to think Love could jettison for greener pastures. And one Eastern Conference executive thinks Love is as good as gone.


“They should trade him,” one Eastern Conference executive said. “No one thinks he’s staying. Everyone knows he wants to go to the Lakers.”

There is no doubt the Timberwolves would receive a king’s ransom for Love. The question becomes whether the Timberwolves are ready to declare they are starting over again. That could be a hard message to send to your fan base that hasn’t seen the playoffs since 2004. The situation will become more tense if the team continues to struggle. Stay tuned…


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