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Nelly predicts the demise of Kobe & the Lakers on First Take 0


Yesterday on First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless invited the St. Louis rapper, Nelly on the set to talk some sports.  The Los Angeles Lakers was on the mind of the St. Lunatic as he attacked the organization and their “spoiled child”, Kobe Bryant.

Nelly defended his man, Dwight Howard, who he believes Houston is a better fit.  If Dwight would have stayed in Los Angeles, he would continue taking the blame for the team’s demise.  Nelly never mention that fact that Dwight couldn’t take the pressure of being a Laker; but he had no problems ripping Kobe.  He says “that no one wants to come LA and play with the Kobe Bryant.”  He criticizes The Black Mamba’s leadership abilities and also blames him for the reason why Phil Jackson is not coaching the team today.

Here is the entertaining clip that aired on July 16, 2013.

Right or wrong at least Nelly was entertaining. I am curious though, what will the Lakers will do in 2014?  Their organization will be $50 million under the cap next season so they will have plenty of money to shop.   I assume that LeBron will opt out, but there is NO WAY he becomes a Laker and play with #24! LBJ will not team up with him, especially when he is chasing him in rings. Without LeBron, there is NO ONE in next years free agency that will help Kobe get that sixth ring! Just a thought.

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