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New Phoenix Suns Jerseys Met With Harsh Criticism 0

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After weeks of hype and local media coverage, Suns fans were rightfully getting excited about the new-look Suns jerseys. The team itself looked completely different after a rebuilding project that is now being led by bright young prospect Eric Bledsoe, so why not get some new duds to show how different this Suns team will really be? This is why.

“Those are literally the ugliest jerseys I’ve ever seen,” said one fan on the Phoenix Suns Facebook page.

“Please tell me we’re being punked!” exclaimed another.

“These jerseys are absolutely awful. Please change them after this season, my god they’re bad,” pleaded yet another fan.

Okay that last one was me, but just about every comment concerning the new jerseys were harshly negative, and with good reason. They look uninspired and plain, something Suns fans have had enough of from watching the team play last season. My suggestion to the Suns organization is to never work with whoever designed these jerseys again, and switch back to their old ones ASAP unless they plan on seeing an all-time low in jersey sales this season.


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