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Philadelphia 76ers insured against Andrew Bynum’s injury 0

Sixers president, Rod Thorn, has come out and said that the 76ers, whose first choice would be to have a healthy Andrew Bynum suited up and playing for them this season, have a league-wide insurance against Bynum’s knee injury. An injury than Thorn calls “bizarre”.


“There is a league-wide insurance that he’s under that gives you some relief along those lines,” Thorn said.“It’s the same league-wide program that every player’s under. Unless you have a pre-existing condition — and he didn’t — so he’s on the same one as everybody else.”

Bynum’s injured past has been well documented. But, Thorn says this particular knee injury is new, and therefore is covered by said insurance policy. Bynum is experiencing bone bruising, as well as damaged cartilage in his knees, but is set to make $16.9 million this season. A season in which the Philadelphia 76ers have been without the big guy. Bynum was the key trade piece Philly received when it sent Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets and center Nikola Vucevic plus rookie Moe Harkless to the Orlando Magic over the summer. Bynum has battled these knee issues since September, and has yet to appear in a game for a struggling, young Sixers squad, who were expecting big numbers from their prized trade acquisition this season.

Bynum was set to challenge Dwight Howard for supremacy among NBA centers, instead the 25-year old has spent, yet another, season riding the pine, and sporting ridiculous hair.

Bynum’s original diagnosis was simply a bone bruise, but he caused further damage (cartilage issues) while bowling during the season. Philadelphia has had Andrew under continued doctor supervision throughout much, and are assured that they will receive at least some relief under the NBA insurance policy.

“It’s a little bizarre, there’s no doubt about it,”Thorn said about Bynum’s injury.“He’s had problems. He’s worked very hard. As you can see when you see him, he’s huge. His upper body, he works in the weight room, he works hard, he just hasn’t been able to play. It’s been very tough for him and obviously it’s been very tough for us.”

Bynum’s lack of a healthy history had to have been a factor when the Sixers engaged themselves in trade talks with the Lakers, Magic and Nuggets, but thinking he’d not play a single minute this season was obviously not a scenario they saw coming. Andrew is a free agent this summer, and the Sixers will have to figure out exactly how to approach the situation.


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