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Phoenix Suns purchase anti-Lakers domain name 0


In an odd turn of events, the Phoenix Suns have purchased The Suns bought the domain for $3,500 and will apparently use it to spark their buried rivalry? I’m not 100% sure where this move came from, or why the Suns have decided to go this route, but what’s done is done.

Do the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers even have a rivalry? Well, apparently somebody in the Suns’ front office appears to believe they do. The NBA’s Pacific division may have used to belong to teams like the Lakers and Suns, but in the current NBA era, teams like The Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors seem to have the hot hand.

I personally wouldn’t be shocked to see the Suns and the Lakers rival the Sacramento Kings as bottom feeders of that division this season. The Clippers and Warriors have both taken steps to improve their foothold in the west, while the Lakers lost Dwight Howard, and the Suns continue to sit in basketball purgatory with an extreme lack of talent on their roster.

But hey, perhaps this will push the two teams into a couple of cool games this season.. That’s likely the best we can hope to come from this latest move by the Suns.


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