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Reggie Miller would like front office position with Indiana Pacers 0

Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller, who will live in infamy with his eight points in nine seconds playoff performance against the Knicks, is now a prominent part of the TNT broadcasting crew. However, it seems that is not Miller’s only aspiration. In an interview with the Indianapolis Star that ranged from subjects of Spike Lee to his feelings about the current Indiana Pacers, Miller says that he would love a front office position if the situation was right, and the only situation he feels is right is back home with the Pacers.

Here is a blurb of the interview with Miller:

Q: You have the life of luxury. You work one day a week during the regular season. But how much do you think about running a team in the front office?

A: All the time. It would have to be the right situation (and), for me, the only situation I know is Indiana.

Those competitive juices always flow. During the regular season, not so much because it’s only one day a week. It really picks up come the end of March and April when the playoffs are about to start and we have a lot of games. That’s when my blood starts to boil and I start to sweat a little bit more. I’m in the action because every possession means something.

That’s when I think I could possibly do that. Again, it’ll have to be the right situation. We’ll see. I’m not going to broadcast forever. I’ll probably want to do something else in basketball, which will probably be running a team or at least helping run a team

It makes a ton of sense for both sides to eventually give Miller a shot in the front office, especially to learn under such a great GM like Donnie Walsh. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if this happened sooner rather later, for PR purposes alone.

By: Frank Santos


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