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Report: Otto Porter has a top three pick guarantee 0

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There has been much talk about the weakness of the 2013 NBA Draft, and with that brings a certain amount of mystery, as a “no-brainer” top pick does not exist in this class. However, it seems that Otto Porter, the talented forward out of Georgetown, may not be stressing too much come draft night, as it is being reported Porter has a top three guarantee, according to CBSSports via The Charlotte Observer:

Here is some more details via Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer:

  Agent David Falk confirms Porter will work out only for the teams with the top three picks: Cleveland, Orlando and Washington. That means Falk, who is Washington-based, feels strongly that Porter can go no later than the Wizards’ No. 3 pick. I’d heard as much from various NBA sources.

The Charlotte Observer’s interest in Porters status lies in the fact that the Charlotte Bobcats hold the fourth pick in the draft, and would be very interested in Porter if he were still on the board.

While I don’t see Porter ever becoming a dominant player in this league, he probably is the most “stable” pick of the draft. His defense will translate to the next level, and he will be a good compliment to a team with a dominant scorer, as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards have in Kyrie Irving and John Wall, respectively.

It would be wise for one of these top three teams, specifically those two, as I don’t see as well of a fit for Porter and the Orlando Magic, to select the young forward out of Georgetown. In the end, I don’t see Cleveland grabbing him with the first pick, just based on the pressure of grabbing someone with more potential, but given the proximity between Georgetown and Washington D.C, I don’t see a scenario where Porter gets past the Wizards and the third pick.

By: Frank Santos- Pass the Pill Manager


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