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Roy Hibbert on Pacers play in game five: “We played like pussies” 0

Frustrations are usually at a high after a playoff loss, especially when you play as putrid as the Indiana Pacers did against the Knicks last night in game five of the Eastern Semi-Finals. Pacers center Roy Hibbert clearly thought his team lacked toughness, and held no punches about it.

Hibbert, while apologizing to the women in the room, had this to say about the Pacers performance in game five, courtesy of Fred Kerber of the New York Post:


Let’s be honest, he isn’t wrong either. The Pacers were simply out-hustled, and out-worked by the Knicks last night. Some think that the Pacers may be in some serious trouble if point guard George Hill cannot return to the court because of a concussion suffered in game four.

However, I am not of that opinion, though it will undoubtedly be difficult. With Hill or sans Hill, I see the Pacers going back to Indiana and wrapping this series up. Their defense will simply smother the Knicks offensive attack, and players like Chris Copeland may not have as big of a game on the road as he had last night at MSG.

But…if the Knicks can pull out game six somehow, then the Pacers are in serious trouble, and the Heat will just continue to kick back and enjoy the show of these two teams beating down on each other.

By: Frank Santos



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