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Shaq says Kobe can play until he’s 40 years-old 0

Shaq and Kobe together during their dominate days

The Los Angeles Lakers’ organization isn’t use to the word, “rebuilding.” Yet, that’s what most hoops aficionados think the Lakers are headed for with the way their roster is currently constructed. One analyst the Lakers fans and brass are quite used to, had more of an encouraging thing to say about the Lakers and specifically Kobe Bryant.


Kobe Bryant might still be months away from being able to run and jump following Achilles surgery in April, but there is an ardent supporter in Bryant’s corner who swears that he’ll come all the way back and then some.

“Kobe’s a tough competitor,” O’Neal said on a conference call Wednesday to promote his involvement in Adam Sandler’s new movie, “Grown Ups 2,” which opens in theaters Friday. “He loves when everyone doubts him. Of course at (almost) 35, they’re saying he’s done, but Kobe will show the world that he can play at a high level until he’s 40. I know with the rehab, he’s probably only supposed to do it once a day. I know for a fact he’s doing it twice, if not three times a day. He tells everybody he’s coming back in December, but if he could, he would like to be ready at the start of the season. That’s how much he’s going to push this thing to try to get to 100 percent.”

O’Neal was nearly 40 years-old when a torn Achilles ended his career in 2011. At the time Shaq was in his twilight years playing for the Boston Celtics. Bryant is going on 35 year-old an keeps himself in excellent shape on top of being ultra competitive. I disagree with Shaq about people doubting Kobe Bryant coming back. The dude continues to defy Father Time and is coming off one of his best seasons as a pro before tearing his Achilles. Who really is going to doubt Kobe?


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