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Stephen Jackson on Malace at the Palace: ‘It felt good to punch a fan’ 0

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It’s becoming more and more apparent why Stephen Jackson was released by the Spurs; mainly because he’s officially lost his mind. In an interview on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, Jackson reminisces about the infamous Malace at the Palace in Detroit involving he and the artist formerly known as Ron Artest.

Jackson better be retiring from the league, because if David Stern gets a hold of this interview, a suspension is definitely coming his way. Here is what Jackson has to say, courtesy of BleacherReport:

The host wants Jackson to admit he enjoyed hitting fans, which led to Jackson replying, “All the racial slurs I done heard. All the things I heard about my mom, and my basketball game and my kids, all this. It felt good to punch a fan one time.”

Jackson goes on to say he regrets it, but only because he lost three million dollars because of it.

As a regular watcher of this show, there is a certain laidback atmosphere to the interviews, and both Le Betard and Jones basically bait athletes into saying something controversial, which is their jobs. Most athletes are aware of this, and play it off, but Stephen Jackson…well… he is not. That’s okay though, because at least he got his money, right?

Here is a link to the full Jackson interview:

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