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Team USA basketball is saying and doing all the right things heading into the Olympics. As part of the “Hoops For Troops” program, Team USA put on a scrimmage Saturday at the DC Armory. From the looks of it, I’d say it was something like, “AND 1” on steroids. Chris Paul and Deron Williams pull out some sick moves. I’d have to disagree with Charles Barkley’s assessment that the 2012 USA basketball team’s point guards wouldn’t do anything. Their combination of speed, power and moves makes John Stockton look rudimentary and old. No disrespect to the Hall of Fame point guard, but the point guards of today’s game are so explosive and athletic.

The arena was packed and full of energy. It’s always great to see athletes putting on a show for our men and women serving overseas and protecting our country! (Special thanks to our friends over at HoopMixtape:)




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