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Tony Allen calls out Thunder rookie Steven Adams: “Somebody gonna to probably hit him” 0

Tony Allen took a few shots at Steven Adams

Tony Allen and the Memphis Grizzlies had a tough in hard-fought series against the Oklahoma City Thunder during the NBA’s Western Conference first round. However, it would end bitter for the Grizzlies after losing Zach Randolph for Game 7 after “punching” rookie Steven Adams during an altercation. The rookie from New Zealand has already developed a reputation for being chippy on the court, which still have Allen and the Grizzlies ticked off.

Via NewsOK:

Allen, still seething over what he thought was a series-altering altercation and proceeding suspension, was asked how much he hated Adams — a hard-nosed rookie who has already become known as an agitator — on a scale of 1-10

“Oh, man. I’m almost over that, man,” Allen told the station. “I’m like 50, I’m like 50 right now. Because that’s one of his tactics. You don’t have to just play. That’s a measly guy. You don’t have the shine to do that, you guys up throwing cheap shots, things of that nature.”

Allen would go on to say that Adams has coming to him and that he better be careful with his tactics in the future.

“It’ll catch back up with him,” Allen said. “Somebody gonna probably hit him and it’s not gonna be a push next time. He better be careful who he doing that stuff to. You know what I mean, it’s for real. If Z-Bo woulda really punched him, he would have been, you know (Vernon: “Out?”) exactly. He playing those cheap shot games, it’s gonna catch up with him.”


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