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Trouble in Brooklyn? Kidd and Garnett have disagreement 0

Coach Jason Kidd and Kevin Garnett already have had a disagreement

Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd and veteran Kevin Garnett apparently had a meeting that “didn’t go too well” in Garnett’s words. With a star-laden roster comes star-laden egos and that is exactly what first year head coach Jason Kidd will have to keep in check. And it may be easier said than done. Already, Kidd has announced Joe Johnson will take the final shot in games, which may not go over well with some of the other veterans as the season gets rolling. Now Kidd has let Garnett know that he may not be playing in back-to-back games, which set Garnett off.


“It didn’t go too well. I’m just being honest,” Garnett said Monday when asked about the conversation. “But I understand what he was saying. He’s trying to make sure I’m durable and can get through an 82-game season.

“I understand what it is. He’s not coming to me personally or as a man or anything like that. He’s looking to better me. So I will try to be receptive like that.”

But what is more telling, is Garnett stating that he doesn’t want to be told anything. He feels he has earned the right to an opinion, which he clearly has. However, usually the coach has the final say and Garnett may have to get use to that, or dreams of an NBA championship could turn into a train wreck.

“I just don’t want to be told anything. Hopefully, I’ve earned the right to have an opinion in something that I’m doing. But more importantly, seriously, from a chemistry standpoint, it’s important for me to be out there with everybody, and I think it’ll speed up the chemistry process a little quicker.”

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