Nerlens Noel has a $10 million permanent disability insurance policy

Kentucky shot blocking phenom and projected #1 pick in this year’s NBA Draft, Nerlens Noel, realized the worst fear of all athletes projected to head to the big leagues with a high profile: a career threatening injury. Noel severely injured his ACL going for a block Tuesday night, and the news Wednesday was not good for Noel after undergoing tests.

During the aftermath of the injury, Darren Rovell tweeted that Noel has a $10 million dollar permanent disability policy through Lloyd’s of London:

‎”@darrenrovell: Source: Nerlens Noel has a $10 million permanent total disability policy thru Lloyd’s of London. Would have to be career ending to collect.”


Regarding NCAA insurance policies, from the New York Times:

And that has led some to take a critical look at theN.C.A.A.’s policy toward athletes who seek insurance against serious injuries, especially those players who are projected to be high selections in professional drafts.

It is an insurance program that Noel, damaging as his A.C.L. tear could be to his elite draft status, would not have benefited from had he entered into it in the summer. The specific policy sponsored by the N.C.A.A. offers protection only against career-ending injury.

However, the injury is not seen as career ending at this point, although it is expected that his draft stock will fall dramatically. Some analysts already have him dropping from #1 to out of the top five. We can only hope that Noel recovers quickly, as he is still young enough to come back 100%.



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