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New Orleans Pelicans/Hornets could have been the “Rougarou”?

  • Arun Morace
NO Pelicans

Rumored logo for the newly renamed New Orleans Pelicans. Photo Credit:

In 2013, the New Orleans Hornets will drop the moniker they brought with them from Charlotte, and take on a more Louisiana-style name when they become the Pelicans. However, in preparation for the rumored name change, the NBA trademarked five potential names for New Orleans. Obviously, one was the Pelicans. Here are the other four:

-Bull Sharks

-Swamp Dogs



Now, some of these names, particularly the last one, might need a little explanation.

A bull shark is a species of shark that can live in fresh water (most sharks can only live in salt water), and they’ve been known to crop up in Louisiana-area rivers and coasts. Swamp dogs plays to the famous Louisiana Bayou area. Mosquitos does too, but its not really the kind of intimidating nickname you’d expect for a professional franchise, especially since its a step down on the insect ladder from New Orleans’ old nickname, the Hornets.

And now, for the crown jewel of the list, the Rougarou. Unless you’re well versed in Louisiana folklore or are a fan of the television show Supernatural, you likely have no idea what a Rougarou is. They are, as the legend goes, a creature that prowls the swamplands and can transform from man to beast, similar to the more popular werewolf myth. They are said to have the head of a dog or wolf, but retain a human body.

So there you have it, the four names that didn’t make the cut. And before you laugh at Pelicans, have a gander at these fearsome  predatory birds of the bayou swallowing pigeons whole. 


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