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NFL early bird favorites heading into 2013 season

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Las Vegas doesn’t shy away when putting out odds on the upcoming NFL season. The day after the Super Bowl, Las Vegas already has it’s next seasons odds out. They are frequently updated with player movement. The level that NFL gambling is at is relatively quiet, even though today you can bet on the winners of both the NFC and AFC Championship games and the Super Bowl 48 winner.

The big question is how accurate are these lines? Will the New England Patriots (favored to win with 6 to 1 odds) hold up as the favorites or will a team like the Houston Texans (with 15 to 1 odds) crash the party and take home the Lombardi trophy. Some sites even have the betting lines for the NFC and AFC championship up for bids. The New England Patriots are currently 2.5 to 1 odds to win while the Denver Broncos are second at 3.5 to 1 odds to win the AFC championship game. The defending champs (Baltimore Ravens) are 10 to 1 favorites to return to the Super Bowl. Over on the NFC side, The San Francisco 49ers are 3.5 to 1 odds while trailed by Seattle at 5 to 1 and Green Bay at 8 to 1. The 49ers are Currently the #2 team for the Super Bowl at 6.5 to 1. Many betters will jump on the early odds done right after the Super Bowl to try to find that sleeper team and make the most out of their bet. It is a risky proposition considering free agency hasn’t even started. Do we think the Miami Dolphins will still be 50 to 1 long shots after signing Ellerbe and Wallace on the start of free agency?

These Super Bowl odds, pre free agency and draft, are clearly just long shots. You shouldn’t expect anyone to over take the Patriots or 49ers as the top favorites in their conferences unless something astronomical happens in a trade. However the Baltimore Ravens were 14 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl after early lines. The San Francisco 49ers were 16 to 1 odds the day after the Super Bowl. All in all, betting the favorites aren’t always the way to go in betting a Super Bowl or AFC/NFC title winner. Waiting until closer to the season is always the safe bet. Injuries and sleeper players can always change odds at any minute in the city that never sleeps. So bet smart and always expect the unexpected.

However, if ou want to wait before betting, it can pay dividends and there are plenty of other options – such as the $5 Million Touchdown NFL slots game available at online casino – to keep you amused while you are waiting. From the real icons shaped like football players, whistles and cheerleaders, to the bonus game involving passing a ball to score a touchdown – this game has everything for NFL fans. It should also appeal to betting fans in general, thanks to the huge maximum cash jackpot that can potentially be won by playing it.


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