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NFL Guys Breaks Down Josh McDaniels,Tim Tebow

  • Jason Whitney

This morning, I asked Denver Broncos fans if they would ever take Josh McDaniels back. I got an array of responses. Here are a few:

“After all his personnel moves. Of course not. Not even as an offensive coordinator.”

“NEVER IN THERE LIVES!!!! whats going on? Is he coming back? the Broncos are fine without him!”

“Hell No! I hope we don’t pull the retard card out…”

“ His first two moves as a head coach.. To run his only 2 pro bowlers out-of-town!! Which accounted for a bunch of his offense.. Definitely not a smart move to get rid of your only two pro bowlers as the first thing you do as HC!”

“Not a chance! The team is just starting to recover from what he did! Still got a lot to do but they on the right track”

One person knew where I was going with this, He said “Isn’t he the one that got Tebow?”


McDaniels, Was hired in 2009 and in the eyes of Broncos fans and NFL fans in general, completely wrecked that organization from top to bottom in a little under 2 years. The first thing he did was attempt to trade the then Franchise QB Jay Cutler, to New England, In exchange for Matt Cassel. That sent Jay into a frenzy, he was quoted as saying that he “Didn’t trust Josh and the organization” after the alleged trade had went down, and Jay asked for a trade to get him out of Denver (Later to be traded to Chicago in exchange of Kyle Orton and future draft picks) Denver started the season hot as a coal 6-0, had a bye week and finished 2-8 resulting in a .500 season

Fast forward to March 14th 2010. Denver needed QB depth, and they had a Fullback named Peyton Hillis sitting around that McDaniels didn’t see working in the system. So he traded Hillis to the Cleveland Browns for a couple late picks and QB Brady Quinn. Hillis later went on to rush for over 1100 yards for Cleveland the following year and became (Until the Madden Curse) a star Running back. On April 14th, McDaniels traded his Disgruntled Pro-Bowl Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins for 2 Second round picks.

One week after Marshall was sent packing Commissioner Goodell announced “With the 25th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Denver Broncos select Tim Tebow, Quarterback, Florida” Denver fans in attendance at the draft went crazy, Mel Kiper argued why Tim would never be a solid NFL Quarterback, and John Gruden praised him (Granted, Gruden praises everyone).  Many people sitting at home, and many, many analysts scratched their heads. Why would Denver draft a QB in the first round? They have Orton and just traded for Quinn a month ago. The critics bashed the move. “Tebow can’t throw”, “The Spread offense is all he can run and it will not work in the NFL”, “Why was he drafted in the first round?”. Even a ticker on the side of ESPN’s draft day coverage had a live vote going asking who would be the better NFL QB out of Tebow and Jimmy Clausen. Not surprisingly Clausen was leading the voting at 70%.

On December 6th 2010 Josh McDaniels was fired as the head coach of the Broncos, not surprisingly seeing how the majority of his draft picks were labeled as busts, the fans were calling for his head, and he single-handedly ruined a classy organization. Broncos owner Pat Bowlen brought back one of the franchises most prolific figures in Super Bowl winning QB John Elway and named him President of football operations. John Elway, the man who’s play of Quarterback landed him in canton, may know a thing or two about quarterbacking. Elway and Bowlen later hired former Panthers head coach John Fox, and going into the 2011 season the team employed 3 Quarterbacks. Orton, Tebow and Quinn. The lockout caused many to think that Orton would be traded, Tebow would be the starter and Quinn to back him up. There was a fiasco involving a trade with Miami that would have sent Orton to Miami, if Denver would receive a 2nd round pick, Miami was stingy and declined, so Orton remained in Denver, and was later named the starter because he was, well, a better Quarterback.

Fans in Denver were outraged and were very vocal about it, shouting “We want Tebow” in games, some went as far as purchasing media billboards asking Coach Fox to bench Orton and play Tebow. In week 5 the Broncos were on the road struggling against a sub-par Chargers team, and Orton was benched. Tebow came in the game, brought a sense of urgency, leadership and led the Broncos to a near comeback win.

Tebow time. The next week, Coach Fox announced that the starter would be Tim Tebow on the road in Miami. The then winless Dolphins were in hot pursuit of their first win, in a game where Tebow and his former Florida teammates were honored for a previously won National Championship, but the fans were not happy. They came to see Tebow, and he was horrible. With around 5 minutes left in the game the Fins led 15-0 and fans started exiting. Tebow time. The Broncos won in overtime 18-15. The following week Denver hosted the Detroit Lions, who then took advantage of the cant-pass-Tebow, blitzed the hell out of him and made him look foolish. John Fox needed to change his offense. Tebow time. The bye week gave Denver time to introduce the new Tebow offense. It was unleashed on the Raiders and Denver came out victorious in the last 6 minutes of play. It happened again (Chiefs) again (Jets) again (Chargers) and again (Vikings). QB Kyle Orton was released from the team during this frenzy of Tebow wins, Albeit, the defense is playing outstanding as well and John Fox has shifted an NFL offense into something we’ve never seen before, but if the games on the line Tim will make those clutch plays.

The most polarized figure in the NFL proves both his critics and fans right and wrong every single week. Critics: He can’t play quarterback, he stinks. Fans: All he does is win, no matter what. Both right, but we know in this league, all that matters is that “W”, which he’s brought to the team every week. So while Josh McDaniels is in Missouri plotting (He calls it “gameplanning” ) on how he will continue to ruin the Rams, many Denver fans hate the guy, can’t stand him and want nothing to do with him. But because of his most criticized, ridiculously insane pick of Tebow in the first round of last years draft, Broncos fans go home with a “W” each and every week. So Broncos fans, after all he did to ruin the franchise, shouldn’t you be praising him now? (No pun intended on the praising part haha)

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One Response to NFL Guys Breaks Down Josh McDaniels,Tim Tebow

  • Great writeup. You can give McD credit for Thomas & Tebow, but bottom line, he was a cancer to that organization. If Pat Bowlen had hired McD as the HC, but also hired a GM, I think McD would still be in DEN.

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