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2010 Sam Bradford vs. 2006 Vince Young 61

Two of the most highly acclaimed college quarterbacks in recent memory will go head to head as we look at two great rookie seasons from Rams QB Sam Bradford and former Titans QB Vince Young.

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Sam Bradford

Going into 2010, many believed that the Rams would be a much more improved team, but not by 6 games. Although the Rams offense was never explosive that year(26th in total offense for St. Louis) Bradford not only re energized the offense, but the team as whole. Included in his terrific rookie season were a plethora of broken records which included:

Most consecutive passes without an interception for a rookie with 169.

The first rookie in NFL history to pass for at least 300 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions and win on the road.

Most completed passes by an NFL rookie quarterback with 326.

But none of those records were as big as a 6 game improvement for a Rams team that went 1-15 the previous season. Although he hit a road bump in 2011, Sam Bradford has shown the Rams and the entire NFL nation that he has what it takes to become a franchise quarterback. But, like in college, in order to show that he’s going to have to find a way to stay healthy.

Vince Young

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Going into Week 12, the Titans were 4-6 and won 4 of their last 6 to just barely miss the postseason. Like Bradford, Young was brought in to help improve a franchise as well as become the face of it.

Although his numbers( 2199 yards passing with 12 TDs and 13 INT) won’t tell the story, he made a huge impact for the Titans. His ability to make plays with his feet and keep plays alive and, most importantly, win are what made a ton of people take notice of VY that season. But like another quarterback(who will remain nameless)who wins and is a top notch scrambler, Young was criticized for his passing skills and has been for his entire career. Nonetheless, 2006 will be known as the year we witnessed an electric talent that was Vince Young.


While the jury is still out on Bradford, many consider VY to be a bust at this point in his career. But both were huge impacts during their rookie seasons and their teams win totals improved at the same time. The Titans missed the postseason the previous two seasons before VY came into the picture. The Rams missed 5 consecutive seasons, making the Rams an annual and projected doormat before Bradford joined the Rams. Given the fact that fans suffered long enough before 2010, and that he was a better pure passer, I have to give this one to Sam Bradford.

Winner: Sam Bradford


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