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49ers Fans buying Billboard near CenturyLink Field Trolling Seahawks 76

This rivalry takes another turn every day, and it’s a story in itself.

Fans of both the 49ers and Seahawks have been all over Social Media with back and forth banter, talking trash after the 49ers beat the ‘Hawks at Candlestick.

There has been many memes, videos and blog posts made from the two sides going at it.

Seahawks fans  and players have had some clever ways of getting at 49ers fans, and vice versa. Niners running back Frank Gore said Tuesday that the 49ers win was a reminder to Seattle that they were still the “big dogs” in the Division.

On Sunday, a pair of Seahawks fans hired a plane that flew a 12th Man banner over Candlestick park during the game.

Niners fans were obviously not happy about that, so a group has purchased a billboard that will be next to CenturyLink Field, showcasing San Francisco’s five Super Bowl trophies, and asking “How many do you have?” in reference to the Seahawks trophy case.

The funding for the billboard came from a crowd funding site where they were looking for a minimum of $7,000 to purchase the ad space. As of Wednesday at 5:20 PT, they had raised over $7,700.

49ers fans will purchase a billboard in Seattle asking Seahawks fans how many Lombardi's they have. (Credit: GoFundMe)

49ers fans will purchase a billboard in Seattle asking Seahawks fans how many Lombardi’s they have. (Credit: GoFundMe)

While the trash talk is fun, the 49ers fans are actually doing good with their trolling, and donating anything over the requested $7,000 to a charity of 49ers fans’ choosing.

The original description for the funding is below.


After lots of discussion in the 49er Faithful group (and based on the great idea of Michael Narvios), a lot of us have decided to counter the Seahawk’s plan of flying a plane with a banner around Candlestick by placing a billboard showing 49er pride right in Seattle, preferably by Century Link Field.

This group has been created to raise funds to place a billboard within half a mile of Century Link Field. Seahawk fans raised 2k, we can raise a lot more. We have contacted companies in Seattle with multiple billboard ad locations. We are looking to raise about 7-8k to keep our ad there for at least 1 month, all during December and some of January for their playoff games.

A GoFundMe account has been set up, everything will be transparent, and tells you what our goal is and how much we raised. Screenshots will be posted of where the billboard will be placed, of all costs, and constant posts on where we are with the funds, as well as photos of where we plan to place the billboard. We can even generate some press with this! All extra funds will be donated to a charity we can vote on. Not any money will be used for this site or for anything but the billboard and for charity. If we do not receive the goal of 7k, nobody will be charged. The goal will give us 4 weeks of ad placement.

Please donate here:
Let’s show em Shehawks where the real faithful fans are!

Since the money was raised, they’ll be purchasing one month of ad space that will be up during the final stretch of the season, as well as into the playoffs – where the Seahawks will likely have Home Field Advantage throughout.

What will be the next chapter in this awesome battle between fans?


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