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8 Stars To Watch Out For In the NFL & NCAAF 0

We are nearing that point in the year when our favorite NCAAF players are moving over to the NFL. In this transitional period, we see some of the strangest NCAAF odds as players battle it out for the scout’s attention.


To make sure you don’t miss out on the player highs, we have gathered the best NCAAF stars to watch out for as they begin their transitional period.


Will Levis – Quarterback – Kentucky

Already this season, Levis has shown that surprising push we mentioned before. Levis wasn’t known for his strong arm, and yet in his first couple of games, the balls have been speeding through tight windows.


That doesn’t mean his arm has lost that delicate touch of a short throw, as Levis continues to show us the intricate dance of a quick throw too.


Tyree Wilson – Edge – Texas

Wilson has been a consistent player this season. He has been leading the pack in terms of tackles and sacks, all of which can be attributed to his outstanding athleticism and strength.


This season alone we have seen Wilson take in tackles from a 5-technique standpoint, and yet from that push, he was still able to remain agile enough to get the job done.


Wilson is proving himself to be a national leader as an edge player, so his transition into the NFL will go smoothly. 


Jaelyn Duncan – Offensive Line – Maryland

Ducan has proven himself to be a smooth mover and a protection passer already this season. Agility is his main skill as he can maneuver the ball to any position he wants it to be, while also passively ushering the team into open spaces. 


Duncan’s favorite move, it seems, is his left tackle. This maneuver has proven difficult to beat, especially if it comes at you from a power run.


These explosive pushes matched with easy movement show us just how quick and powerful Jaelyn Duncan is. If he keeps this unique pattern up, we will see Duncan in the NFL.


Zay Flowers – Wide Receiver – Boston College

Flowers had a rocky start this season, as he moved into his sophomore year. However, it didn’t take long for the wide receiver to find his balance. In fact, he won a whole line of scrimmage due to his quick feet and imposing stance during his defense.


Along with quick throws and catching impossible marks, Flowers is showing himself as a quick-footed-everywhere-man which his opposition needs to be aware of.


Without a doubt, Flowers will be on a lot of scout’s radars.


O’Cyrus Torrence – Offensive Line – Florida

Torrence has been off with injuries since the beginning of this season. His lower body injury meant that rest was needed before any return to the field.


However, on his return, Torrence showed that none of his skills and power were removed during his time off. Because of his transfer to Louisiana, the offensive line now has a power snap typical of this other team, while continuing to have the upper flexibility needed in the Florida team.


We expected his upper body to be damaged due to this injury, but his last couple of games have proved this worry unnecessarily. 


Andre Carter II – Edge – Army

Last year we would have put Carter higher up the list as a person to watch out for, but this year his standards have started to slip. Although he is still a phenomenal player, Cater has been pulled from a number of games for reasons undisclosed. 


His strength and powerful attacks are still outstanding, but his agile movements have become slightly stiff. Still, Carter has not lost his touch when it comes to his favorite move – the bend and pass. 


Dawand Jones – Offensive Line – Ohio State

Jones isn’t just an offensive line, he’s also built like an absolute warrior for a game. His massive frame and long arms create an intimidating look. And he isn’t all bark and no bite, as Jones is known for overpowering defensive players just by running at them.


Despite his massive frame, Jones used to be a basketball player. This previous training makes him surprisingly agile. When defensive players get ready to take him down, a quick dance move to the left is all he needs to avoid a tackle.


Nolan Smith – Edge – Georgia

Smith is a violent player with great speed, making him an imposing force when he runs at you. His strength and quick feet make it hard to get past him if he gets in your way.


You couldn’t expect this fierce strength from such a slight frame, but Smith was constantly beating tackles from Tennessee simply due to his speed and power.


Smith isn’t someone to ignore, and it can be hard to predict where he will be next.



Each of these players will make an impact in the NFL drafts, so make sure to keep an eye on them as they move from NCAAF to NFL.


The future looks bright for these players, and as long as they continue on this upward trajectory, they will continue to make waves in the next tournament they enter.



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