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Actor Jeff Garlin Yells “Tigers Fans Suck” (Video) 90

Tigers fans stole his joy

It’s a long-time tradition to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch. At no ballpark is this tradition upheld with more pride than at Wrigley Field in Chicago. With the Detroit Tigers in town to face the Chicago Cubs, Tigers fans seemed to take over Wrigley field. Not only did they take over, but they drowned out the Cubs fans during the singing of the song. Well, actor Jeff Garlin didn’t take too kindly to this. More accurately, he took offense and let people know. As the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor took the microphone, as the guest singer of the historic song, he had a message for all the Tigers fans after his off-key rendition. Jeff Garlin yelled, “Lemme tell ya something, you Tigers fans suck!

Garlin spent the next half inning speaking to the TV announcers and giving a half-way apology and then yanking the apology back. For a moment, Garlin remembered that he has fans in Detroit and has to sell tickets to his events. Here’s what Garlin said for his so-called apology:

I want to apologize, by the way, not to Tigers fans, mind you, but for saying at the end there that Tigers fans suck. Because a.) I draw very well in Detroit. B.) I have respect for the Tigers. But c.) They’re irritating me today. I don’t like using the word ‘suck,’ but they made me angry. There are too many of them. I’m not used to that at Wrigley.

In my own personal opinion, he shouldn’t be mad at the Tigers fans. The Tigers fans surely didn’t seem to “suck,” as they showed up in Chicago by the thousands and made more noise than the Cubs fans. Perhaps it’s the Cubs fans he should be aiming his frustration at, as they allowed the Tigers fans to run Wrigley Field for three days.

The Tigers took the three-game series from the Cubs by winning two out of three games.

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