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Adam Schefter: Matt Kalil NOT a lock at #3 in the draft 79

Throughout the weeks leading up to the draft, a few things have been certain: Either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III would be the first pick in the draft, and whoever was NOT the first pick out of the two would surely go second to the Redskins, and that Matt Kalil would go third to the Minnesota Vikings. Adam Schefter, though, is saying “not so fast” to the seemingly obvious #3 pick.

In Schefter we trust?

ESPN insider Adam Schefter said in a recent Q&A that the Vikings will pass on Matt Kalil with the third overall pick in the 2012 this year according to Schefter acknowledges that he is the minority with his belief, but insists that Kalil isn’t the “lock” that everyone claims he is. He has even go as far as to “put money on the table” in saying that the Vikings won’t select the Southern Cal’s LT. While obviously he isn’t the first person to make these claims, Schefter is a reliable source and has been described as one of the most “inside” of the ESPN insiders.

From his ESPN Insider mailbag (which requires a subscription), Schefter received a question from a Bills fan asking if it was a possibility that Buffalo would trade up for Kalil. Schefter’s response was:

It could be that Kalil falls and if Buffalo wants to go trade up to No. 5 (Tampa Bay) or No. 6 (St. Louis), those teams would be all ears in terms of listening to offers. If Buffalo stays where it is, the sense around the league is that the Bills will have their choice between Kuechly or DeCastro and other good players who will be available at that spot. But I like your Kalil idea, Jake. It makes sense to me. The key to that would be Minnesota passing on Kalil, which I happen to believe the Vikings will. I’m in the minority there, and the Vikings are still deciding what to do, but I don’t think Kalil is the lock that others do — even if Minnesota stays at No. 3.

As I mentioned before, Schefter is usually a very reliable source, so maybe it’s true that the Vikings aren’t 100% sold on the stud Left Tackle. It’s always said in the weeks before the draft that until the commissioner walks to the podium, nothing is out of the question. Could this be one of the big draft day surprises?  We’ll see!

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