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AJ Hawk Cuts His Hair for a Child With Cancer 53

In a truly touching story that should be on the front page of ESPN but unfortunately will not, Packers linebacker AJ Hawk has cut his long, golden locks and donated it to a charity: “Hawk’s Locks for Kids”.Hawk, who had 84 tackles in 2011, is an example of a selfless player who realizes that with his fame comes the responsibility to be a good role model. Hawk tweeted

“Today is a special day for me as I’ve decided to cut off my hair and give it to someone who needs it more than I do”

To say that he looks a little bit different is an understatement.

In my opinion, if athletes were more charitable and better role models like AJ Hawk, there would be a lot more impressionable young kids that turn out better because they want to emulate their heroes. Athletes need to realize how much of an impression they have on their fans. By showing that charity and sacrifice are more important than self, AJ Hawk did the right thing.

If you are interested in cutting your hair and donating it to Hawk’s locks for kids, Here is the rest of what Hawk tweeted:
-For those of you asking where to donate hair to our cause please send it to the following address:
-Hawks Locks for Kids 4890 Blazer Pkwy #B Dublin OH 43017
-Hair needs to be 12 inches for this organization. Anyone looking to help we will be having an event in June. More details as soon as we can.

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