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Alfred Morris looking to forget about last season 62

Despite such an outstanding rookie season, Alfred Morris is focused on the future and how he can get better for 2013 (Credit: AP)

Despite such an outstanding rookie season, Alfred Morris is focused on the future and how he can get better for 2013 (Credit: AP)

Having 1,613 yards, over 100 yards a game, an average of 4.8 yards per carry, 13 touchdowns, and only four fumbles would be considered one hell of a season by most running backs in the NFL. Having this season as a rookie is something else entirely. However, that season is something that Alfred Morris wants to forget about going into the 2013 season. Morris said as much last week at the City of Champions Pensacola banquet.

“I keep that drive….I don’t have the sense that I made it, even though I did make it. Last year is in the past, that doesn’t mean anything anymore”

In a league where humility can be difficult to come by, it’s nice to see that a player as young as Morris is able to show this demeanor in the face of a such a promising start to an NFL career. Putting Morris’ rookie numbers in perspective, Adrian Peterson managed just 1,341 yards, 95.6 yards per game, an average of 5.6 yards per carry, 12 touchdowns, and four fumbles. Obviously different players have different adjustments periods to the NFL and may not hit their stride at the same time necessarily, but I’ll take Morris’ start over AP’s.

All that being said, I like Morris’ attitude going into 2013 and think that all NFL players should adopt a similar attitude. The best way to stay driven and push to be better is to always focus on the future and that is something Morris understands…

“Now it’s, what are you going to do this next year? How are you going to improve off last year? Are you going to have a slump? Are you going to get that complacency and lose it? No, I hold myself to a high standard, and I know I’d be disappointed in myself if something like that happens”

Redskins fans would be disappointed too, but I don’t see Morris slowing down any this season. Morris will be far more comfortable this season compared to last year now that he’s been around a little which should help him get off to a better start than the combined 88 yards in the first two games of last year. A fairly big disadvantage for Morris now that he has had some time in the league is that teams know about him and the threat he is. Morris acknowledged this fact as well.

“Teams this year, they know about me,” Morris said. “Last year, I was, in a sense, a surprise. This year, they know about me. I know it’s going to be tough because I know it’s going to be a bigger challenge, but I love a challenge. I’m looking forward to this year”

I’m looking forward to watching Morris this year. Even if he’s not thinking about his rookie stats or what they may mean, I am and I’m sure Redskins fans are too.


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