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Andrew Luck’s Pro Career May be Delayed in Indianapolis 63

As if the Indianapolis Colts needed more controversy surrounding the 2012 off-season, but that’s exactly what they just got.

As most of you know college Spring time is full of excitement, especially for students who are entering the NFL Draft. While most students are graduated and waiting with anticipation for the Draft in April, some are not yet graduated; much like potential No.1 Draft pick Andrew Luck. Luck has yet to graduate college, and it could cause a conflict  for the start of his pro career.

This is the last thing the Colts wanted to see. Granted, they would completely understand if Luck were to miss mini-camps. However, the Colts are putting everything into Luck; they expect to succeed and not in 10-years, but right away. It is crucial for any rookie to take advantage of every practice time opportunity to get acclimated to the coaches, players and especially to the routine. The NFL is a grind and the future of the Colts need to be there and take advantage of every opportunity.

It will be interesting in June, when the Colts have their full-squad minicamp on June 12-14. Stanford’s finals are scheduled to be held June 8-13. According to sources, Luck is expected to be ready in time for that minicamp, but that is not the only problematic date he will see.  May 17, May 24 and June 6 are dates for other organized team activities that he needs to be at, and it may be a an issue with his school schedule. I can’t see how teachers would allow him to miss school to be a “quarteback in the NFL” but, then again, you never know.

Andrew Luck is taking two classes during Stanford’s Spring quarter, and upon completion, he will graduate with a degree in architectural design. The Colts have done this before and they do understand that a college education is important, so I expect they will work with Luck as best they can. At the end of the day is it a big deal that he is missing mini-camp? After all he has been handed the city of Indianapolis without even taking a snap.

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