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Andy Dalton Defends Himself Against Doubters 0

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In a year where the Bengals emerged atop the AFC North with the Steelers, Ravens, and Browns taking a step back, quarterback Andy Dalton failed to lead his team to a playoff victory.  He also has yet to attain a new contract.  One thing Dalton does have for himself and his team despite the critics, is confidence.

Dalton reported for voluntary workouts with the rest of his team on a mission to prove the doubters wrong.

“Well, I’m very confident in what I’ve done,” said Dalton via Paul Dehner Jr. of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  “The people who are the critics, they look at all of the negatives.  They don’t look at all of the stuff that I’ve accomplished.  They don’t look at that I’m one of three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to do certain things.  They don’t look at that kind of stuff.  They want to find ways to tear me down but I’m not worried about that.  They can say whatever they want.  All that matters is what everyone believes in this organization and what I believe in myself.  That’s how I go about my business.”

With no playoff wins in three attempts and a passer rating of 56.2, Dalton will need a lot more than confidence to secure his future with the Bengals.  All the teams in the AFC North have greatly improved thus far in the offseason, and many believe last year was to be the one where Dalton pushed his team deep in the playoffs.

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