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Antonio Cromartie says he’s the Jets 2nd best WR 50

Antonio Cromartie has plans of playing Wide Receiver for the Jets this season, and the Jets have echoed those same thoughts. But Cromartie says he’d be the second best WR on the team, the Jets have yet to say that they agree.

Cromartie said today on ESPN First Take that he’d be the second best option on the team. We take that as A: Either Cro has played on the wrong side of the ball his whole career, or B: The Jets have a really unproven receiever corps. We’re going to go with B.

“I think I’d put myself as second,” he said. “I haven’t really played it in the past four or five years, but I can put myself as the second just with raw ability and talent going out there, I think, me separating and being a more physical guy out there on the outside.”

That’s a bit of a stretch if you ask me. We’ll see how it turns out for him this season when and if the Jets line him up at the position. He does have a bit of experience knowing what works against corners as he plays the position himself, but it’s a bit different playing on the other side.


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