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ASU’s Burfict, VT’s Hosley fail pre-draft drug test 69

According to NFL network and Fox Sports contributer Jay Glazer, NFL teams were informed today that two players had failed pre-draft drug tests. Arizona State’s Vontaze Burfict (LB) and Virginia Tech’s JayRon Hosley (CB). This is just another plummet in the draft stock of these two players, and Burfict is now being rumored to possibly not be drafted at all.

at about noon today, Jay Glazer tweeted the following:

NFL teams were informed this week of 2 more players of note who have flunked drug tests: ASU LB Vontaze Burfict and Va Tech CB JayRon Hosley

drugs and laziness seem to have ended the dream of playing in the NFL for Vontaze Burfic


Burfict has seen his draft stock absolutely plummet after a poor showing at the NFL combine, and this will likely decrease his chances of being drafted at all tomorrow night. During his junior season, his weight rocketed to as high as 259 pounds, and his total tackles dropped from 90 in 2010 to 69 in 2011. His junior season was a disaster, he didn’t perform well at the combine, and now he has failed a drug test. To me, it sounds like this guy is going no where fast.

Hosley, on the other hand, was considered one of the top cornerbacks in this years draft class. Unfortunately, he failed a drug test before the Combine and now has failed another. I don’t think he will fall completely out of the draft like I believe Burfict will, but his chances of being a first rounder are getting slimmer by the day.

Potential down the drain?

In a bit of a positive swing though, according to Jay Glazer, Hosley DID write a letter to NFL teams apologizing for his failed drug test, so at least he takes at least some responsibility for his actions.

Expect this to drastically affect the draft stocks of both players, especially Vontaze Burfict. His NFL dream may very well be over at this point.





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