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Bart Scott likely to return to Jets in 2012; reportedly slimmer, leaner 70

After the 2011 season, the future of linebacker Bart Scott with the Jets seemed to be slim to none. Now talks from the winter meetings say that Rex Ryan expects Bart Scott to rejoin the team and be much slimmer and leaner.

After last season ended, Scott’s agent, Harold Lewis, said that Scott was “extremely frustrated” with his role on defense, which saw him get a lot less playing time. He was benched during most passing downs last season. This more than likely due to his age (He turns 32 in August), but it also could have to do with his weight increase before and during the 2011 season. He hasn’t lost massive amounts of weight, but reports say he shed about 10-15 pounds this offseason.
Rex Ryan said at the NFL meetings that he had had “great discussions” with Scott.

“I think when we looked at it… We were going to use him as a blitzer (last year) and he kind of got his weight up,” Ryan said. “He dropped his weight back down a little…. The longer you go in your career, sometimes it’s better to lose a little weight…. Sometimes it just makes sense to take a little weight off.”

Owner Woody Johnson also defended Scott during the NFL meetings, saying:

“I think he’s going to be back, Why wouldn’t he be back? He under contract. We pay him. We like him . He’s a leader in the locker room. He’s an amazing player.”

Scott’s camp and the Jets had even talked in the last few weeks about potential trades for the aging linebacker. His guaranteed money was what scared off other teams though. He is owed $4.2 million this year, which he was guaranteed after taking a $1 Million dollar pay cut for the team last season.

It seems as though the Jets have a spot on the roster for Scott, even after his outburst after not making the playoffs last season. A man who has been known to curse out mascots, flip off camera-men, and scream an angry rant at Sal Paolantonio still has a place in the circus that is the New York Jets, according to the ring-leader Rex Ryan.

Bart Scott: he simply "CAN'T WAIT" to get back on the field..

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