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Beat a Bookie: myth or reality? 0

It has been argued among newbies that made one or two bets that it is unreal to beat a bookmaker. They suppose that if there is such a possibility, bookies would work at their own expense.

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In fact, the keystone to success in sports betting is profound knowledge of the matter and competent and integrate approach. So, if you’ve chosen this way of online earning, you have to search for rules and peculiarities and study them thoroughly. Remember: success relies deeply on knowledge rather than ingenuity and intuition.

Despite the fact that many bookmakers put obstacles for an arber to win, there are also reliable ones. The point is to follow the rules, and a win won’t be long in coming.

Main rules to follow in sports betting  

Safe profit relies on the following principles:

  • Money management — helps you to plan and distribute your funds correctly to minimize the risk of going bankrupt. Bets are look like chaotic attempts to earn when there is an absence of money management (Martingale betting system, counter d’Alembert system, Oscar’s Grind startegy etc).


  • Integral element of success is competent analysis knowing how to reach conclusions basing on the information you have.


  • Sturt-up capital. Experienced arbers know all the benefits of a bankroll. The first benefit – systematization of maney earned and money spent. Second – in case of loss there is still a chanse to get revenge with no investments. Third – selfcontrol not to lose all at once.


  • Strategy selection. Next step after bankroll creation is betting strategy selection.  All financial strategies are aimed at increasing the probability of a win and minimizing risks. Nowdays, there is a variety of betting schemes. The most popular are d’Alembert system, bank per cent strategy, flat, value betting, surebets strategy etc.

Surebets safe way to  beat a bookie

Bookmaker office is not a 100% perfect mechanism. First, bookmakers are human beings and they make mistakes resulting in an incorrect odds calculation. Second, there is a huge number of them all over the world, and to keep track of each is almost impossible. Third, a high competition takes place among bookies that makes them to inflate odds.  The odds difference for the same event gives rise to surebets.

Surebets is a mathematically calculated arbitrage situation which enables to bet opposing outcomes of the same event at different bookmakers. You get profit regardless of the outcome!

There are two ways to search for surebets. The first one is to do a manual search and determine the existance of the arb with a calculator formula.

Second one is to use a special scanner for automatic arb search.

As you see, there is a way to beat a bookie, though. Sports betting may become a source of regular  income, so, we wish it success!

This article was written based on betburger: arbitrage betting software.


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