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Bill Polian says Josh Gordon doesn’t belong on football field 0

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Roger Goodell and the NFL have still not decided what they’re going to do with Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon.  Gordon faces a suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy, although Gordon pleades innocence saying the failed drugs test was due to breathing in second-hand marijuana smoke.

Former Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Polian has his own ideas as to what the NFL should do with Gordon.  It’s a rather blunt (forgive the pun) opinion, but is it the right course?

Whether Polian is right or not, the NFL needs to come to a decision.  It isn’t helped by the fall out from the measly two game suspension handed down to Ray Rice for knocking his future out and dragging her out of an elevatorlike a sack of potatoes.

This came in the same offseason that saw former Giants and current Ravens safety Will Hill suspended six games for his third drug related violation and Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington miss the entire season.

The NFL needs more consistency with suspensions.  At the present, it seems like physical violence is ore acceptable than smoking marijuana.  The NFL have said that they plan to change the rules when it comes to domestic violence, but nothing has happened.


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