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Bills coach Doug Marrone mad after second straight day of practice brawls 0

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We’ve heard and seen some spats come about during training camp this offseason, but Bills head coach Doug Marrone is less than please with his team and their brawling ways.  He said on Wednesday after fights broke out that he didn’t was to see that anymore, but after today, it’s clear his team did not get the message.

Another fight broke out during practice Thursday, and Marrone let his players know he was upset about it.  Defensive end Jerry Hughes had something to say back to Marrone, and that’s when he went off.  Profanity followed, and then came the question, “Do you want to play on this team?”

Marrone continued with Hughes, “If you’ve got a problem with me, you need to come and tell me.”  Coach and player had a discussion after practice, but Marrone said it wasn’t just Hughes he was upset with.

“That’s directed at anyone who doesn’t want to be apart of the team,” Marrone said.  “I told Jerry that I love the way he practices and I love the way he plays special teams and how he goes about it.  And we’ve got to get some other guys who are starters to do that.”

While some believe that brawls that occur during camp is a good sign showing hunger and competitiveness, Marrone feels the opposite.

“I’m going to say it again, and I’m not going to answer another question on it: We’re responsible for the integrity of the game,” Marrone said, via ESPN.  “Can you figure it out?  Figure it out.  We’re responsible for the integrity of the game .  There is no use for fighting in the game of football.  Period.  End of discussion.  Move on.”

If both the players and the media weren’t clear on the subject, they are now.

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