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Bills invite “trick-shot QB” Alex Tanney to rookie mini-camp 71

The name might not sound familiar to you. Division III Quarterbacks are rarely a household name. Alex Tanney, though, may be the most well known division III QB to hit the market in quite some time. After the Bills tried out former Eagle Vince Young earlier in the week, now they have invited the most accurate (and possibly the best) passer in D3 history to their rookie mini-camp for undrafted free agents.

Alex Tanney was the star quarterback for Div III Monmouth College and star of an extremely viral trick-shot video on Youtube. With over 2,000,000 views (as of today, May 8th), a lot of people have viewed his trick throws, which are nothing short of incredible.

Taney was also featured on the History Channel series “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” on an episode featuring Tanney’s “super-human” accuracy.

It may be easy to say that he’s just a trick-shot QB and that you can’t tell if he’s a true blue NFL quarterback just by watching his video, so let me add some other stats to his resume.

  • NCAA record for all-time career touchdown passes (157)
  • NCAA Division III record for passing yards (14,249)
  • 71.5% completion percentage in the 2011 season

personally,  I love the look of this kid. He was projected during the NFL draft to possibly be a late 6th round pick, but ended up going undrafted. He’s a big guy at  6 ft 4 in  220 lb with (as you can see) elite accuracy. It will be interesting to see if he can translate his
success in college to success on the field.

The Bills could definitely use a guy with accuracy like that, though he probably wouldn’t start. The Bills have been looking for a legitimate backup QB. After not picking one up in the draft, the Bills tried out Vince Young but have not signed him to a contract as of this writing. Right now, the backup is Tyler Thigpen, who hasn’t proven himself as a good backup for Ryan Fitzpatrick yet.

Get excited, Bills fans. This is going to be an interesting offseason.




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