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Report: Bobby Valentine has lost the Red Sox clubhouse 66

Bobby Valentine

Bobby Valentine
Photo Credit: Keith Allison/ Commons

The Boston Red Sox have a lot on their minds these days. Sitting on an unimpressive 44-43 record going into the weekend, far behind the rival Yankees, and suffering from severe lack of manager-player chemistry, the Red Sox seem once again to be stumbling. Add to the disparity the trading away of one Kevin Youkillis ( to the White Sox), and you’re looking at a situation just waiting to boil over, and it looks like it’s going to get worse for the Red Sox before it gets any better. In an article by NBC Sports’ Craig Calcaterra, it was made clear that Bobby Valentine is quickly losing the confidence of his team.

What seems more alarming is that the Red Sox skipper is starting to lose the trust of veterans on the team as well. As detailed in Calcaterra’s article, an unnamed veteran on the team had revealed that a show of support by David Ortiz was very contrary to how the players really felt. In other words, it was all for show, and does not reflect the turmoil currently facing the Boston Red Sox clubhouse.

Going into a weekend game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Boston is looking for any kind of spark. The Red Sox sit on a record that belies as a solid pitching staff and an often potent offensive core of Pedroia, Gonzalez, and the hot-hitting Ortiz. Much like early in the season last year, Boston is in need of an offensive explosion, because as Red Sox fans will agree: Winning (along with home runs) fixes everything.


By: Mohamed Abdihakim– Contributor


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