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BREAKING Bartolo Colon Suspended For Testosterone 68

I knew Colon’s resurgence was suspicious after the great year he put together as a Yankee.

After pitching in just 12 games in 2009 with the White Sox, Colon posted good numbers in New York. His ERA was 4.00, but that’s pretty good being a year removed from the game. From 2006-2009 Colon posted a 5.18 ERA. So in a year he lowered his ERA by more than a run. That’s pretty difficult to do.

His success was credited to stem cells that helped heal his right shoulder. But now we know he had a little help from performance enhancing drugs too.

This is a big loss for the A’s who are 0.5 back in the Wild Card Race. They surely could of used Colon and his 3.43 ERA in September.

I wonder if anyone else is going to get busted within the next week. Melky Cabrera was suspended for 50 games a week ago. Will these players ever learn?




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