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Matt Forte

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It has been a long time coming for the Chicago Bears and Matt Forte, but it seems that their stand-still may have come to an end. In the same week that Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints came to an agreement,it now seems that Forte and the Bears have done the same.

Here is the tweet from Sean Jensen of the Chicago-Sun Times:


As Jensen noted, the deal is for four years, and the terms are not yet known, though Adam Schefter says the deal is around $8M per year. Today was the deadline in order to get a deal done, and Forte and Chicago came to terms just in time.

Forte deserves every penny that he gets from the Bears, because he went about this the right way. He voiced his displeasure, but that didn’t stop him from performing on the field. Forte is the key cog to Chicago’s offensive attack, and he deserved to be compensated as such.


By: Frank Santos- Down and Distance contributor


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